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Global Capabilities, Local Flexibility

840x280_homepage_gas_cylinder_sticky_post_photoAs the country’s largest woman owned national gas supplier, we service several industry verticals including: industrial, life sciences, research and development, national chain stores, novelty and more.

Wright Brothers Global Gas was originally a division within Wright Brothers, Inc. servicing the Midwest, but was spun off as its own division led by Ashley Wright Werthaiser. Continuing in the family business of expert gas programs, we now service national accounts. Our customer base covers many companies but what we offer is global capabilities with local flexibility.

Learn more about how we can help you accomplish your business goals with non-stop, expertly serviced gas programs. Call us now so we can help supply your needs at 1-866-351-4427.


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Sustainability and Innovation at Wright Brothers Global Gas

At Wright Brothers Global Gas, our commitment to the Earth is ingrained in our logo and lies at the core of our operations. Through a series of innovative measures, we have not only enhanced trucking efficiency within our industry but also prioritized safety for both our employees and customers while significantly reducing product waste and run-outs.

One notable stride we’ve taken is the implementation of a paperless office and transaction process, aligning with our dedication to environmental consciousness. Additionally, we actively support outdoor recreation initiatives for youth, promote efficiency in office supplies, and select sustainable office décor. Looking ahead, our focus remains on collaborating with customers and partners to amplify sustainability and transportation efficiencies. Our patented technologies, such as the Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold® and VMG Telemetry®, exemplify our dedication to pioneering solutions. We are also streamlining processes through consolidated processing and exploring various avenues for improvement.

We invite you to connect with us to delve deeper into these initiatives and discover how we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s innovate together!

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VMG Telemetry Ensures Operating Room Efficiency

Children's Final Line Setup CropChildren's Bulk Tank Gauge Complete Gas System Management.msg

Wireless Telemetry from Wright Brothers Ensures Operating Room Efficiency with VMG telemetry

Hospitals are required to have alarm systems to notify them of problems within the operating room gas systems, but when an error occurs, it could have major ramifications. These alarms are often monitored by the facility manager, who then has to correctly identify and resolve the problem – or in most cases, wait for someone who can. Any delay could result in shutting down the entire operating room, which is obviously bad for business, but more importantly, it jeopardizes the health and safety of patients.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) has eliminated these concerns thanks to an affordable wireless telemetry implemented by Wright Brothers, Inc.’s Vendor Managed Gas (http://www.vmg.us.com/).

Wright Brothers was already CCHMC’s gas vendor supplying the nitrogen used for anesthesia, lifts and air tools in the operating room, so when they partnered with Verizon on the Vendor Managed Gas (VMG) wireless telemetry, the hospital was a natural fit.

Utilizing Verizon’s wireless network, VMG provides 24/7 monitoring of CCHMC’s Nitrogen bulk tank and sends alerts on tank levels and performance directly to both CCHMC facility managers and Wright Brothers.

“VMG is the first affordable plug and play wireless telemetry that simultaneously monitors tank levels and gas system performance using cellular and RF technology,” said Charlie Wright, CEO of Wright Brothers, Inc. “The advantage for CCHMC and other medical facilities is that the notifications come directly to us – their gas vendor – so we can easily identify and repair a problem before it becomes a larger issue.”

In just eight months, CCHMC has realized tremendous benefits to the VMG system. Wright Brothers installed the system, customized the alerts based on the hospital’s needs and monitors the bulk tank, standby system and emergency backup.

“The installation was simple with no inconvenience to the staff or hospitals,” said Robert Schultz, Regulatory Specialist, Facilities, for Cincinnati Children’s. “Since the installation, we no longer have to be concerned with ordering gas or calling them if there is a concern. The system has proven to be reliable.”

The VMG system also provides a wide range of analytics which help benchmark performance and indicate future need, enabling CCHMC to forecast for budget and peak usage times.

“The fact that we can get on the system and look at the numbers is great for trending purposes,” Schultz said.

This advanced data helped solve a problem with CCHMC’s bulk tank almost immediately . As in many operating rooms, a lot of gas was used during peak hours during the day, but was then shut off after the regular schedule was complete. Upon being shut off, the pressure in the lines built up and the gas vented out. By accessing the usage data provided by Vendor Managed Gas, Wright Brothers was able to determine the venting was causing the safety equipment to freeze open. Rather than mistakenly refilling the tank or addressing other issues, Wright Brothers was able to simply replace the safety equipment to correct the problem.

Central to VMG’s performance is Verizon’s wireless network. Since monitoring the gas systems is a requirement for hospitals, Wright Brothers sought a wireless partner that provided the best coverage.

“Simply put, Verizon’s network is mandatory to what we do,” said Mike Ahrens, Technical Lead “We don’t’ exist without Verizon’s absolute coverage.”

As for Schultz, he sees the broader implications for VMG and its use across multiple industries.

“I would recommend VMG for any gas system,” he said.



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NWBOC Women’s Business Enterprise Certification


NWBOC Certification Awarded

NWBOC Certification Awarded

Wright Brothers Global Gas awarded WBE certification from the National Woman Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC).

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Introducing Vendor Managed Gas (VMG)

VMG = Vendor Managed Gas

VMG = Vendor Managed Gas

Wright Brothers Global Gas is proud to announce the launch of VMG, Vendor Managed Gas.  This is the nation’s first affordable telemetry system.  Visit www.vmg.us.com for more information.

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Local Suppliers Win Casino Business

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati says it has awarded more than $27 million in contracts to local vendors for services and supplies including uniforms, fresh fruit and fax machines.

Cincinnati and Ohio suppliers are providing more than 75 percent of all goods and services used at the new casino, Horseshoe officials said. About 15 percent of the casino vendor contracts were awarded to businesses owned by minorities, women or disabled or disadvantaged enterprises, the casino said.

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Horseshoe Cincinnati Boosts Local Ohio Businesses

Horseshoe Casino

Horseshoe Casino

Cincinnati’s Horseshoe Casino has awarded three out of every four contracts for casino items — such as uniforms, professional services, food and drinks, and furniture — to Cincinnati- and Ohio-based companies. Fifteen percent of the contracts were awarded to minority, women, disabled or disadvantaged businesses.

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