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  • Single Point Of Contact
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  • Consistent Supply
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  • Consistent Terms

Custom Gas Programs
Tired of doing business on your vendors’ terms? Chances are, your company has unique circumstances that need one-of-a-kind solutions. Our small company flexibility and single focus lets us tailor our programs to match your business needs.

Single Point Of Contact
Are you wasting time on problems you thought were solved? Our dedicated point of contact maintains clear communication with you while dealing with all the behind-the-scenes coordination that keeps your gas program fluid and transparent.

Local Gas Service Nationwide
Wondering what happened to good, old-fashion customer service? With over 800 locations nationwide, our network partners understand success means two things: consistently providing product and support to your branch.

Consistent Gas Supply
We work to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Don’t let ‘run out’ leave your customers lacking a solution. We offer a variety of programs from customer courtesy calls, to fax, to email to make sure your branch maintains a continuous gas supply.

Consolidated Gas Billing
Need to cut accounting costs and end-of-month overload? Would you rather process one invoice instead of 250? We did the math: If you have 50 stores getting weekly deliveries, your accounting department gets flooded with 200 delivery tickets and 200 invoices each month – plus 50 rental bills.  Trade paying invoices arriving daily with different due dates for a single consolidated invoice. Trade the lost time and hassle of matching invoices with delivery tickets for the accuracy of our Dual Data Entry System™.

Consistent Gas Terms
Want the most for your money? Put all of your company locations under our national account umbrella to take advantage of high volume pricing. In addition, consistency enables apples-to-apples comparisons between your branches.

As the leading certified woman owned national gas supplier, we help our national partners thrive in  industrial, bioscience, research & development and helium needs.

Some accounts we partner with to offer gas solutions:

  • Laboratory – Weidmann and LensCrafters
  • Retail – Meijer, Mattress Warehouse and Kroger
  • Industrial – Monro and Amrail

In March 2012 we were certified by the National Women Business Organizers Corporation. This industry certification enforces our role as a certified woman owned gas supplier servicing national accounts.

National Women Business Owners Corporation